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Why Should You Stay Away from these 3 Non-Trusted Custom Writing Services?

Students often need to depend on reliable academic help. That is primarily due to the lack of time and the overflowing number of assignments. So, if you’re thinking of choosing professional help and the plethora of companies that supply assistance confuses you, don’t worry – that’s what we’re here for. Today we will talk about three non-trusted essay writing companies. Here’s what you should know!

  1. CustomEssayMeister.com

custom essay meister review

Before presenting to you this , we took the time to research about the company’s reliability. We did that by looking for off-site customer feedback, gauging the quality of the content on the website, and, of course, by placing an order on their website. Regrettably, the majority of reviews we gathered were negative, for the most part. They mentioned that the deadlines were hardly met and that the quality of the writing was inferior.

After receiving our paper, our doubts were confirmed: the essay we paid for contained an array of errors that couldn’t have gone unnoticed. We consider that this is an unethical company since the writing samples presented on their official website appear to be written by professionals.

That made us suspect that they were taken from another source or they were bought for the purpose of luring customers. To that end, students may assume that the papers they pay good money for are similar to the samples, which is far from being accurate.

What is more, the website itself is difficult to navigate, and finding relevant information there is a challenge.

  1. GetEssayDone.com

getessaydone review

We were taken aback that GetEssayDone.com didn’t present any writing samples on its website, similar to most essay companies. However, we did find a link to a blog. Unfortunately, though, we couldn’t access the link, which meant the blog was unavailable or the link was broken – both of these scenarios portray the firm in a bad light.

Another disturbing aspect is that, when we looked for information about their writing staff, we didn’t find any, other than the statement that each has a graduate degree in his/her field of study. Meanwhile, from former customers complain that the papers they got were lacking in quality. Some actually mentioned that their papers were far too elementary in order to be adequate for college level.

After knowing all this information, we weren’t surprised by the poor quality of our paper. We noticed a range of mistakes in sentence structure, grammar, paragraph transition, use of resources, and so on and so forth.

Overall, the company supplies limited information. For instance, we would have liked to know more about their writing staff or gauge a range of writing samples. To sum up, our experience with GetEssayDone was less than satisfying, at the very best, which is why we don’t advise you to contact this firm.

  1. HireWriters.com

review of HireWriters

This company operates distinctively, meaning that it concentrates solely on matching customers that are looking for freelance or copywriting services. The writers are divided into four categories: beginner, average, skilled and expert. A client may choose a category and afterward receive bids from writers belonging to that category. It is implied that the higher the category you choose, the better the quality you’ll get.

We chose an average writer with average , and the paper we got was, at the very best, mediocre. While we asked for revisions, the improvements were unnoticeable. What is more, the company doesn’t check the education and preparation of a potential writer signing up to become part of the team, which encourages dishonesty.

On a final note, if you have any requests regarding writing services we should review, do let us know!