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What You Need to Know about StudyBay.com

Nothing can be more horrifying than realizing you’ve forgotten completely about a paper that is due in a short time. Kidding; there are so many things more terrible than that, but it’s not cool, anyway.

Of course, one of the easiest way to get out of the pickle is to work with a paper writing company. Unlike StudyBay.com, that is. Study Bay have activated for a while, even though there’s no actual clue to how long.

Let me tell you something about this service, particularly why I think this is a bad choice for you to make when looking for good papers.

How Does It Work?

StudyBay.com is one of those services where you request a paper then writers bid on it. Not uncommon at all. In terms of papers, the company purportedly offers any type of academic writing, at all levels.

Because the writers are devoid of credentials, the quality of the work is extremely poor. Anyone can be a writer, and that’s a fact. I applied for a vacant position myself and it was easier to become a writer than to put my socks on.

StudyBay says that there are more than 8000 writers on there, but excuse me if I fail to believe that. Especially when there were only “56 online” when I got on the site. +1150 orders completed. Again, very, very improbable.



For starters, you should know that there are no coupon codes, or even a promo code. The prices differ from writer to writer, and students can choose from the bids that have been made on their papers.

In spite of the fact that the prices can be really low, the quality doesn’t really make this a tempting service. All papers are hastily written (but usually deadlines are missed, paradoxically), and most writers are definitely ESL.



Glowing customer reviews on-site, apocalyptic ones off-site. Study Bay does not stray away from the tradition in this field. Most companies evaluate themselves because they know they’re risking their existence by letting customers say anything about them.

Most students have complained about the quality of the work (poor grammar, no bibliography) and the writers’ incapability of meeting the deadlines. Anyhow, all of them agree that StudyBay.com is no fraud or scam.


My Verdict

StudyBay.com could be a lot more efficient and trustworthy. For instance, it has secure PayPal payment, and students pay only after they’ve seen their papers. You also get a plagiarism check for free.

These are all nice aspects but are overshadowed by the low quality of the papers. It is quite scary to know that anybody, even somebody who has no background in writing at all, can work on this website.

My review for StudyBay.com is unfavorable, and so is my rating. If there would be any quality-control for the writers of the company, things may change for the better, but until then, this is not a service you want to have anything to do with.

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