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Let’s Take a Look at EduBirdie.com

Every student knows the struggle of surviving from one exam to the next. Most of the time, professors don’t even seem to care that they aren’t the only ones teaching, and they pack students with more study materials than they can handle.

In an attempt to remain sane and not completely renounce sleep, students began leaning towards essay writing services. However, since the internet is a shady place, you can’t always know what’s real and what’s not – which is why we need customer reviews to know whether or not to trust a service.

In that aspect, I decided to provide my own review of the services provided by EduBirdie.com.

What They Offer and What People Say

Looking on their website, I noticed that Edu Birdie offers the standard service package for students. Looking at the , I saw that all of them were positive. My concerns started to rise, however, when I went on various independent review websites and saw the floods of complaint regarding their content.

A lot of people said that their products were riddled with grammatical errors and poor referencing, but also that the customer service was difficult to contact. There were also instances of satisfied customers, but most of them were not that happy with what they got. The EduBirdie.com rating is also pretty low because of that.

Prices are very confusing on Edu Birdie. You don’t have a fixed price per page, but instead, you will have to talk it up with the writer. There are not any discounts for returning customers, and I could not find any coupon codes or a promo code for newcomers either.

What I Got

I placed an order for an 8-page research paper for which I was charged by EduBirdie.com a total of $134. The price was fairly decent – pretty much the standard of every essay writing service. The problems started, however, before I even managed to lay eyes on my paper.

I tried to contact the EduBirdie.com customer support several times, with no success. Eventually, someone picked up, but it was clear to me that they had no idea how to answer my questions. They provided vague answers and kept directing me to the FAQ page – and obviously, to place an order for a paper.

A few days have passed where I was not contacted by anyone on Edu Birdie – not the customer service, not the writers, nothing. I simply received the paper in my inbox on the day of the deadline.

Things would have been nice if the paper was written properly. However, it was packed with faulty sentence structures, bad grammar, and referencing that wasn’t fit for a college essay. Had I turned that essay in, I’m not sure I would have gotten a passing grade.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I don’t believe Edu Birdie is fraud or scam, but I have serious concerns about their drive to offer high-quality products. My advice is that you look up other services if you want to get a good grade.

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