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EssayEdge Review – Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

There are plenty of companies that offer writing services, but the majority of them are for ordinary essays. However, this is not the case for Essay Edge, a writing company that focuses on more difficult papers.

They were the choice for people who were ready to pay a higher price just to be sure that their paper is written by a professional. Or, so people thought at the beginning. Their testimonials make it clear that their experience with this company was not exactly what they expected. Based on their opinions and other information we could find on the company’s website, we prepared a . Here is the result.

What They Offer

Essay Edge’s website states that they cover complex domains such as law, medical, veterinary, MBA and so on. Aside from writing, they also have extra services like academic proofreading. They promise that all this hard work is done only by writers who have a higher-level doctorate or Ph.D. qualifications and graduated from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton.

The Customer Reviews

However, the reality is quite different, according to the clients’ testimonials. The majority of people complained about the writers who are not professional at all. Also, EssayEdge.com does not seem to keep its promise about providing complex papers, but rather low-quality ones. Sometimes, the paper would be received only after the deadline has expired.

Another reason of complaint was the customer support department. According to testimonials, the team is not professional, unhelpful and the manager was not able to provide the requested information. Moreover, the help line did not seem to be working and once confronted with this issue, Essay Edge admitted this was an often-encountered situation. This means that the 24/7 live chat is not reliable at all.

Prices and Discounts

Many clients regretted paying hundreds of dollars after receiving the requested paper. EssayEdge.com is not entirely clear about the prices, but one thing is: no paper comes cheap.

After searching on their page, we could not find any pricing criteria, except for services labeled as proofreading, standard and premium. A proofreading service costs $69 for 600 words. A standard service for the same number of words reaches $149, and a premium one is $379. If we listen to the testimonials of people who paid such amounts of money, they are not worth it.

A promo code would definitely come in handy. EssayEdge.com does offer some coupon codes that help you save between $20 and $50. There are also discounts during the holidays or for the first order. But it is not clear how they can be used so this makes them rather useless.

Moreover, there are no explanations about the paying methods, which can be quite discouraging, especially because the customer support department is not very helpful.

Our Rating

Even though it may seem a little bit difficult to access and quite pricey, Essay Edge is not fraud or scam. However, before working with their writers, it would be wise to take into consideration the other customers’ testimonials and decide if the investment is worth it or not.

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